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To request the creation of a watercolor copy from your photograph or place an order of subjects in the catalog is sufficient to send a message to

- Specify the format that will have the watercolor to achieve:

     13x18 cm.
     18x24 cm.
     24x30 cm.
     30x48/50 cm.
    greater or other formats on request

- Attach the image file

    standard formats:

- If you do not possess the image stored in digital format, please acquire it with a scanner, 600 dpi minimum resolution.
- If this is not possible and you have only a reproduction on paper we will give you istructions for image shipment.

To order a subject in the catalog:

- Specify the name and code of your choice:

  1. original watercolor on paper;
  2. copy printed on special paper cm 18x24 - M(medium);
  3. copy printed on special paper cm 13x18 - S(small);
  4. series of 6 prints.

- Indicate the preferred form of payment: bank transfer, check or cash delivery

Calendars, greeting cards, postcards

Purchased through the site

- Printed reproductions of watercolors in various formats and prints (on paper, canvas, photo paper) and/or various types of frame

- Greeting cards and postcards

- Calendars (with selection of the month of departure)

Alternatively, purchase orders on the site can be made by sending a message to

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